TORCHIO. Roberto Scavo. Fronted by Finn Vine, WRM were a hybrid of post-punk vitriol, electro-tinged club fillers and New Romantic flamboyance. Esegui lo scrobbling di ciò che ascolti per ottenere consigli su brani che potrebbero piacerti. Clor Like the energy-fuelled upstarts of the nu rave party, sitting at the kids table while mother CSS and father Klaxons were with the grown ups, Shitdisco were never going to be a ground-breaking project. 9. Generi: Songwriter/Indie/Pop/Folk/Electro/Boh! The Paddingtons Rock. A true case of ‘over before it’s begun’, New Yorkshire frontrunners Harrisons spent five years slogging it out in the Steel City before finally releasing debut ‘No Fighting In The War’ and splitting a week before it came out. Selezione di Artisti emergenti: Cantautori, Bands e Interpreti. Playlist ... Musical genres Artisti Online likes these music genres. Veering between sassy art pop and tongue-in-cheek, call and response vocals, the Irish quartet were just the right mix of serious and silly. Il nostro algoritmo di intelligenza artificiale trova il miglior insegnante per te.. Prenota una lezione privata online, anche se sei alle prime armi. The Dead 60s "As a writer and an artist I am interested in exploring hinterlands and uncovering subjugated knowledges," Bombardier said. Andrea Mingardi. XX Teens Cheating a little here as the New York group actually formed in the late 90s, but considering their releases mostly fell this side of the millennium we’ll allow it. We’re totally not talking shit with this one. INDIE-POP. While Liverpool’s math-rock tinged indie heroes Hot Club de Paris came on entirely like the work of a bunch of mates trying to one-up each other for lols, the experimental oddness under the whoops and wails was brilliant stuff. Chiar daca se dilueaza puternic caracterul initial (cel al artistului anticorporate, autoprodus). A Wirral outfit heavily influenced by the The Coral, the band’s short-lived career produced ‘Put your Dukes Up, John’ – arguably still Kane’s best musical contribution to date. Like a snotty British take on their US idols, it said everything you needed to know. Achieving the seemingly impossible in the 00s and making a second album (2006’s ‘Without Feathers’) that was better than their debut, Canada’s The Stills went – as our review at the time stated – from “bookish indie sop-rockers” to “bombastic rockers with flaming horn sections and production like Arcade Fire”. Their previously unreleased debut album ‘Funfairs and Heartbreak’ emerged in 2006; annoyingly, it was actually quite good. You get the feeling they were about eight years too early. Bombardier is a visual artist, writer, illustrator and performer, whose past jobs include construction worker, cook, carpenter, union stagehand, welder, shop steward, dishwasher, truck driver and housepainter. Indie pop is a subgenre of alternative rock or indie rock and a subculture that originated in the United Kingdom in the late 1970s. One of the most underrated noughties bands of them all, Leeds’ scene staples Black Wire were a jittery ball of post-punk energy whose self-titled debut still sounds weird and dangerous today. All angular synth-lines and feather cuts, VHS or Beta were basically the point where The Rapture meets Duran Duran. Pagina 1 de Artisti si Trupe Muzicale din categoria folk. It has been four years since Adele dominated the pop music world with her worldwide #1 hit album 21.Now she is back and she broke a number of records once again. Rock. Check out single ‘Riot On The Radio’ if you too like the sound of angry young men with issues who like Gang of Four. Mentre il termine indie era già stato utilizzato in precedenza per descrivere … VHS Or Beta Good Shoes Always carrying the ridiculous aura of a glorified indie in-joke, The Others – lead by gobby frontman Dominic Masters – were a legend in their own lunchtime. The Others Naming one of your best tracks after music’s second-most derided percussive tool is an odd move, especially if the majority of your songs actually stumble out of the blocks like a lo-fi indie montage. Oh wait…). Registrati. Arctic Monkeys are riding high, the Kaisers are on a comeback, while The Cribs, Franz et al never went away. Ignore the fact that The Chalets’ two lead vocalists were called Pony and PeePee – beneath the twee as fuck stage names, The Chalets were badass. Here’s our favourite 46, starting with South Londoners Ludes. If you were a teenage girl in the mid-2000s, chance are you probably wanted to be Jemina Pearl. In 2007, a law was passed making it illegal for DJs not to drop a Good Shoes song at any indie disco. Read: intelligent, arty, brooding but brilliant art-pop. POP-ROCK. This is a list of notable indie rock artists. Ascolta anche la seconda playlist A little later to the party, or should we say ‘partie’, were Black Kids, whose 2008 debut ‘Partie Traumatic’ featured irrepressible breakthrough hit ‘I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You’. Doing sun-drenched, cold-beers-by-the-beach jangles before any of the current crop, debut ‘So Much For The City’ was as sweetly gorgeous a thing as you could hope for. Best Pop Songs of All T... We recommend you to check other playlists or our favorite music charts. cantautore / Rock. Far angrier than their former bus buddy could ever be (unless you get his white kecks dirty, of course) the Londoners did a good line in melodic but spitting tracks like ‘Tuned To A Different Station’. OK, not quite – but the Morden group’s wordy indie bounce did represent a certain period. Dalla tradizione in primis. The Mooney Suzuki Little Man Tate Individual musicians are listed alphabetically by their last name. Black Wire The Chalets Clor only released one self-titled debut, but guitarist Luke Smith is now a respected producer and worked on Foals’ ‘Total Life Forever’. On the surface, the Brixton boys made, goofy, jittery indie-dance music. A couple of tracks (‘Lackey’ in particular) had a satisfyingly hedonistic snarl, but it was Masters and his penchant for bragging about drugs and sticking his phone number on the internet that was the real centrepiece. È stato fondato a dicembre 2005 e 'ricondizionato' a febbraio 2018. But Jesus, what an album. è un blog personale ideato e redatto da Cristiano Gruppi. Pop Music Label based in Italy . Pete’n’Carl-approved Hull quintet The Paddingtons may have been from oop North, but it was in the big smoke that they found their most natural niche. Log in. Black Kids Led by effortlessly cool front-woman Annie Hardy, Giant Drag served up songs called things like ‘You’re Full Of Shit (Check Out My Sweet Riffs)’ and ‘Kevin Is Gay’. Indie rock is extremely diverse, with sub-genres that include indie pop, jangle pop, and lo-fi (all of which have their own tags on Discogs), among others. Cerca artisti. Like so many (probably very bitter) bands before them, Canada’s Hot Hot Heat are forever destined to be remembered for their one albatross song, ‘Bandages’. Before Dalston was ‘a thing’ and the sight of meggings (that’s men’s leggings) ball-crushingly commonplace, there was White Rose Movement. Duels The Dykeenies If you enjoyed listening to this one, maybe you will like: 1. Top 5 Indie R&B Artists To Follow Entertainment , Music Kionna Graham March 27, 2017 Abra , Daniel Caesar , Kelela , Steve Lacy , Syd With hazy, rap-singy R&B sounds winning at the moment with artists like Sampha, Solange, and Frank Ocean to name a few, there is an assortment of vibe-heavy tracks that deviate from your typical commercial artists. Esplora gli artisti più ascoltati con tag indie e trova nuova musica. Now pretty much a byword for slightly naff indie of the mid-2000s, it’s not so much that Boy Kill Boy were offensive so much as wildly inoffensive. It’s hard not to just look at a song called ‘Sometimesitsbetternottostickbitsofeachotherineachotherforeachother’ and snigger though…. Riceverai inoltre suggerimenti in base ad acquisti simili effettuati in passato e molto altro. Back in 2007, NME labeled debut album ‘Control’, “the missing link between Maximo Park and Mogwai”. 37 talking about this. rap. Indie rock is a genre of alternative rock that originated in the United Kingdom in the 1980s. Be Your Own Pet But, whilst their lyrical preoccupations were far from the populist anthems of Arctic Monkeys et al, Jackie Mckeown and co had enough of a way with an angular hook to ensure their place at indie discos across the land. Debut album tracks ‘Lounger’ and ‘I Love You Cause I Have To’ were two-such examples – like 80s pop pioneers XTC but without the nuance. Ludes Arctic Monkeys are riding high, the Kaisers are on a comeback, while The Cribs, Franz et al never went away. The 1990s Pop/Rock Rock & Roll is often used as a generic term, but its sound is rarely predictable. INDIE-FOLK. Does It Offend You, Yeah? Little extra fact for you: PTT also claim to have invented new rave after flat-sharing with Klaxons. That’s not to say they were wet behind the ears though. Labeled by NME back in 2004 as “just the right side of sickeningly pretentious”, The Departure made the kind of androgynous, tortured tunes that wound up like if Interpol had been raised on a diet of Suede. Another one of McGee’s stable of the mid-2000s were London scallies Special Needs. Edinburgh's rock, indie and pop concert series Summer Sessions in Princes Street Gardens (also known as Edinburgh Summer Sessions), is a summer concert series inside Edinburgh's beautiful city centre park. Debut ‘Capture/ Release’ is still an everyman classic. Formed in Sheffield in 2001, Milburn’s cheeky chappy tunes (check out the rattling clatter of ‘Lipstick Lickin’) might not have stood the test of time, but they can at least claim their place in the indie history books for helping to inspire mates and local peers Arctic Monkeys to crack on with it. Special Needs Like the idiosyncratic successors to Pulp (Sheffield natives too), the band’s output was danceable but literate – a melting pot of jagged riffs, Tolstoy references and vintage threads which was sadly cut unfairly short when chief songwriter Dorian Cox suffered from a stroke. 18 Tracks. XX Teens (formerly Xerox Teens) managed to release one record – ‘Welcome To Goon Island’, an oh-so-2008 slab of good-time party music, somewhere between Good Shoes and Klaxons – and then it was over. We miss them. Hometown: Washington, United States. Sure, across the spectrum of the decade The Thrills were one of its more parent-friendly exports, but don’t let that write them off. 2019's series will see headline shows from Florence + the Machine, … London's premier rock, pop and indie music series BST – British Summer Time Hyde Park brings the world's best musical icons to London each summer for a series of shows in the royal park. Filter by All Categories. Maggie Miles is a witty 21-year-old alt-pop artist that relishes in comedic relief during the awkward coming-of-age years of her life. No, not Battles. Still, debut ‘Raise The Alarm’ is the LP you wanna be investing in. One for the team then, eh boys? No.Ta. Politically-charged troupe Selfish Cunt came out with the all-guns-blazing anarchist approach of people who genuinely wanted to fuck shit up. Scarica l'App. One of the decade’s true cult favourites, Larrikin Love’s madcap, fiddle-toting debut ‘The Freedom Spark’ still sounds as ace today as it did in 2006. Harrisons 157 Followers. A kind of sub-Killers, they provided synths with just enough bounce, guitars with just enough spike to be like a watered down version of their peers. Pop/Rock » Alternative/Indie Rock Alternative pop/rock is essentially a catch-all term for post-punk bands from the mid-'80s to the mid-'90s. Artisti si Trupe Muzicale pop ... Sweden whose style can be defined by her indie-pop ... Gen: pop, swedish, electronic, female vocalists, indie. “EIN ZWEI DREI VIER!”. "Elogio alle fragilità" è il primo disco dei PH. Artisti. Intende trattare esclusivamente di rock alternativo internazionale. Log in. Stream Tracks and Playlists from PH (indie-pop-rock) on your desktop or mobile device. The Stills electronic, melodic trance, progressive trance, trance, uplifting trance Second LP ‘No Hope, No Future’ was a damn sight better than its bleak title suggested, and stick on ’07 hit ‘We Are Not The Same’ and you’ll find the Shoes at their infectious peak. Having racked up hits with the likes of spiky dancefloor anthem ‘Radio’, they released ‘The Dark Art of Happiness’ in 2006 before splitting up shortly after. The Little Flames Pop, Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Indie, Alternative. Band di Roma attiva dal 2010. Scottish troupe The Dykeenies’ brand of anthemic indie found them aiming to be The Killers mk. The Holloways SINGER-SONGWRITER. The Sunshine Underground Uniformly clad in polka dot, theirs was an updated take on the genre with just enough sass to set them apart. Full of tales of urban disillusionment, they eventually signed up with Creation Records’ Alan McGee before releasing two LPs and fizzling out. Ironic of name, neon of aesthetic and with songs about making out (the adventurously-titled ‘Let’s Make Out’), their dance punk-infused nu rave was, frankly, ridiculous. This is a list of notable indie pop artists. The Pipettes London urchins Dustin’s Bar Mitzvah didn’t release a whole lot in their short career, but one of their big hitters was a dedication to punk’s finest The Ramones called, fittingly, ‘To The Ramones’. Taking tales of workday ennui and weekend raging and pitting them against nervy, serrated “European Strokes”-style guitars, Alan Donohoe and c.o were the soundtrack to your Saturday and all its bleary-eyed, regrettable consequences. More cowbell! Giant Drag A multi-faceted, weirdo proposition, you could take Clor at whatever level you needed. Jaunty of melody and debatable of lyric (see the not exactly Shakespearian ‘Fit For A Fortnight’), The Holloways produced one bona fide banger in ‘Generator’. Born from the ashes of cult Scottish heroes The Yummy Fur, it’s a wonder 1990s ever became ‘popular’ at all. Ten points for tenacity, lads. Shitdisco Fun while it lasted. Aside from the none-too-politically-correct name, the band also notably got in an on stage punch up back in 2004 and broke up the following year. I Tiny Tide sono una indie pop band nata nel 2007. pop italiano. pop / Rock. The Departure When you’re forced to change your band name because a paper copying company is pissed at you, it’s never going to go well. “TWENTY-TWO GRAND JOB/ IN THE CITY, IT’S ALRIGHT…” Ah, The Rakes. It went on to spend 10 consecutive weeks at #1. Aly & Fila. Crafting lo-fi, acoustic indie-rock that draws comparisons to artists like Roky Erikson, the Band, Will Oldham and Howlin' Wolf, Denton, TX's the Baptist Generals feature main members singer/guitarist Chris Flemmons and drummer Steven Hill. Despite this being an obvious recipe for success, the group split in 2008 after just one LP. DANCE-POP. Angsty, spiky single ‘Dear Constable’ is probably their most notable contribution to the canon. 80s-indebted to the core, but with a stomping, dance-punk background, they dished up two decent records (2004’s ‘Night On Fire’ and 2007’s ‘Bring On The Comets’) before sinking to the sidelines. Guitarist Josh Hubbard can now be found in Strokesy US outfit, Skaters. Fuck, it’s a good song though. Lamarea. **Guest post written by Phil Johnson, as featured in his blog, Big Whiz Bang! Maybe the lack of a three-year comedown is why they’re still functioning as a band today. Looking back on it, Reading’s DIOYY? O data cu aparitia super trupelor Blur, Suede sau Pulp, indie si brit pop se suprapun total, iar indie-ul original ramane doar la nivel de inspiratie pentru noii artisti, care, insa, se legitimeaza mai departe de la acelasi curent. could very well have been an elaborate Nathan Barley-based prank. Il disco, interamente autoprodotto, è stato registrato tra ottobre e dicembre 2013 e presentato in anteprima a gennaio 20. Hot Club De Paris Luca Bretta. Dustin’s Bar Mitzvah Now they make up two thirds of buzzy garage band The September Girls. With oddball tales of finding dead bodies and cross-dressers, their Libertines-at-the-travelling-circus mayhem was, sadly, only ever a one-album wonder. The Long Blondes Meat is Moroder è il 7° full album di brani inediti e la terza uscita del 2013. Mendicanti di Luce. Dogs Detto ciò, ritengo che lostatus di indie debba essere riferito unicamente a un fat… L'indie pop è un genere musicale di alternative rock e pop rock nato nel Regno Unito verso la metà degli anni ottanta, contemporaneamente all'esplosione del movimento post punk, che sta ad identificare un indie rock più melodico, meno rumoroso, e con una maggiore enfasi sulle armonie, gli arrangiamenti, e sull'intero songwriting. Sadly, they didn’t, although the band never did fully split up…, The Rakes Hot Hot Heat Esegui lo scrobbling di ciò che ascolti per ottenere consigli su brani, album e artisti che potrebbero piacerti. Adele - 25. Magazine dedicato alla musica Indie e Alternative Rock italiana Whilst fellow Leeds boys The Cribs and Kaiser Chiefs dug further into public consciousness, Duels never quite got there. Trading in riff-heavy, slightly glammy garage rock, however, it’s fair to say the Mooneys were always actually operating a good couple of decades back from either the 90s or noughties. Back when Miles Kane was just a young whipper snapper with dreams of guesting on live outings of ‘505’ for the rest of his career, he was the guitarist in The Little Flames. © 2020 NME is a member of the media division of BandLab Technologies. Courtesy Columbia. MDMA-zing. Bubblegum sweet, brilliantly bratty and with some damn fine melodic chops, the LA duo’s debut ‘Hearts and Unicorns’ was one of the era’s finest. "Dave McCormack's Custard comes back (and all is forgiven)", "Tove Lo's Motto Is 'Everything's F-cked -- Let's Go Party' (And Yes, We're Obsessed)", "Ryn Weaver - Album Discography - AllMusic",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 14 December 2020, at 17:22. In a fair world, The Long Blondes would still be making music to this day. But there are some 2000s indie stars who all but disappeared. But there are some 2000s indie stars who all but disappeared. Beneath that, there were lyrics more suited to the therapy couch than the dancefloor. electro rock / mix pop rock eletronica / Rock. Taking a far more straight-up approach than their oddball name bros, Battle instead favoured atmospheric post-punk leanings and earnest vocals. Pull Tiger Tail Named after the 1991 film about a child prodigy, the band may not have been as ground-breaking as its protagonist but debut ‘About What You Know’ still racked up some fans. Milburn Nitrus. Sadly the band could never flesh out their intentions with enough actual musical meat, but still – at least they had a decent jaunt round an NME tour back in 2006 to remember (and we have no idea where tour mates The Maccabees and The Horrors went either. Though the quartet were only around for a brief few years, they did manage to leave mini album ‘Back to Earth’ and demos for a purported debut behind for posterity. The Rumble Strips So it really needs to succinctly communicate what you’re all about as an artist." ELECTROPOP. Masters of two-minute ADHD shriek-outs, BYOP will sound young forever. Dogs Die In Hot Cars No interaction with Artisti Online Bio. electro rock / Indie / pop. Still, it didn’t seem to harm Tapes ‘N Tapes – who were one of 2006’s breakthrough buzz bands. One of the Myspace generation’s indie stars, Sheffield’s Little Man Tate combined hooky, buzzing riffs with embittered lyrics about posers and not getting the girl. The group briefly reunited for two gigs last year, while their chaotic live shows are immortalized as the inspiration for Kaisers hit ‘I Predict A Riot’. All Categories; ... Metal Core. Banned from various venues for, among other things, sabotaging Snow Patrol’s equipment (thumbs up), the band had songs called things like ‘Britain Is Shit’ played with crazed intent. White Rose Movement Boy Kill Boy Post-punk types Dogs may have toured with Razorlight back in the day, but don’t hold the J-Bo associations against them too much. FAEMILY. Thankfully for them, ridiculous can also be heaps of fun. "Your artist bio, whether you’re a musician, comedian, or any other type of artist, is the most important document in your promotional arsenal. Ascolta in anteprima, acquista e scarica brani musicali dei tuoi artisti preferiti nella categoria Alternativa su iTunes. Bands are listed by the first letter in their name (not including the words "a", "an", or "the"), and individuals are listed by last name. Battle Before Rose Elinor Dougall palled up with Mark Ronson and embarked on a solo career and the other ones did, er… something, The Pipettes were more commonly known as Rosay, Julia Caeser and RiotBecki and touted a line in saccharine pop like no others. Tapes ‘N Tapes The style is inspired by punk's DIY ethic and related ideologies, and it generated a thriving fanzine, label, and club and gig circuit. Selfish Cunt Now making music under the guise of Thumpers, Marcus Ratcliff and Jack Hansom were joined back in 2005 by Davo McConville to form grunge-tinged art rock trio Pull Tiger Tail. Her single "Hello" is the first to sell more than one million digital copies in the US in a single week. Registrati. Oggi, se consideriamo tutto ciò che riguarda il making of delle produzioni e della distribuzioni dei nuovi players della musica italiana, sono davvero pochi gli artisti che cadrebbero nel range dell’#indie music. ‘Suzie’, if you’re wondering, was their big track. OK, so a track entitled ‘I Know Kung Fu’ doesn’t hint at much scope for musical growth and integrity, but at the time it was as fun as a dancefloor-filler can be. Catalogo degli Artisti disponibili. Collection Get: jazz vocalist + sad robot = indie pop Commusicare: musical conversation from the Renaissance to the Baroque Connor B Fitz: a one man indie project - half shy romantic hermit, half loud obnoxious rocker Connor Thuotte: guitar driven alternative rock Conway Hambone: Multi-genre instrumental and vocal conquests made with love and fuzz Con numerosi concerti, album ed EP alle spalle (15 uscite ufficiali e numerose collaborazioni), il progetto viene attualmente portato avanti in studio da Mark Zonda. You don’t get that with Ed Sheeran now, do you? Favouring a more brooding lilt, their niche was of the intelligently anthemic strain that could have been massive if they’d had that breakthrough hit. Good Books Larrikin Love Occupying a more singular niche were The Dead 60s, who attempted to bring ska punk into the new millennium via a singer (Matt McManamon) who looked like he was two beats away from decking you at any point. The Thrills Afla cele mai noi stiri din muzica, despre concerte si festivaluri, vezi cele mai noi clipuri, recomandari de evenimente si tot ce misca in lumea muzicala. Send your music to Artisti Online using Groover, get feedback ... About Artisti Online. Flagged up as a brass-toting successor to Dexy’s Midnight Runners’ crown, The Rumble Strips were one of Transgressive Records’ leading lights back when the label largely dealt with ragamuffin boys with a knack for a melody (see: Mystery Jets and Larrikin Love – more on them later…) By 2009 they’d call it a day, but ‘Alarm Clock’ is still a total banger. POP-SOUL. Let’s just ignore the follow-ups. One of the decade’s darker offerings, Good Books were more – as you might have guessed – likely to be found down the library than on the lash. NON si occupa, dunque, di artisti italiani. This is a list of notable indie pop artists. Trova artisti simili a Last Dinosaurs e scopri nuova musica. The world's defining voice in music and pop culture since 1952. One of the original nu-rave batch, The Sunshine Underground were always a little less drug-addled and bonkers than their peers. Blues / Rock. This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness.

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